• What’s Your GHS Compliance Strategy?

    Get compliant, not complacent.

    OSHA requires all chemical manufacturers, distributors and/or importers to provide GHS compliant safety data sheets (SDSs).

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  • The assurance of a trusted UL-Approved SDS format

    Have the peace of mind that your UL format-approved SDS is recognized as helping safeguard people and products worldwide.

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  • Be cost effective. Be compliant.

    Meet OSHA’s GHS requirement by creating your own OSHA-compliant GHS SDS for as little as
    $275 per product.

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    The Do-It-Yourself OSHA-Compliant SDS


    The UL WERCSmart Do-It-Yourself SDS (Safety Data Sheet) authoring tool is a first of its kind, automated OSHA-compliant SDS authoring solution perfectly suited for the small to mid-size company that produce chemical-containing products.

    At only $275 USD per product document, see how our D-I-Y SDS tool can be your most valuable asset in your OSHA GHS implementation strategy.


    We take the complexities out of compliance

    The automation is based on a logic tree of questions powered by the intelligence of the UL WERCSmart proprietary data engine. Your answers will determine the logic applied to each subsequent question.

    After submission, you will receive your UL-approved format, OSHA-compliant GHS SDS as a PDF within 2 business days.


    Below are the four key areas that drive the automated logic and success of your OSHA-compliant GHS SDS.

    Your product’s recommended use.

    By knowing your product’s final recommended use is the first and most important step toward completing OSHA’s new 16 section SDS format. Our D-I-Y tool begins with many options to choose from.

    Your product’s full chemical formulation.

    The most notable difference in OSHA's new GHS SDS format is its' proscriptive approach to classifications. Full disclosure of formulations is required in order to determine accurate and compliant classifications.

    Your product’s physical chemical properties.

    Accurately listing your product’s physical chemical properties allows for appropriate classifications in multiple areas of your new 16 section SDS.

    Your product’s transportation code (UN Number).

    Is your product regulated for transportation? Find out more on how to obtain a UN transportation number and proper shipping name.


    • Easy-to-use interface

      Our logic tree questionaire is simple in design and easy to use.

    • Stop and go workflow

      Our stop and go workflow allows you to use the tool when you need to.

    • UL-approved SDS template

      Have peace of mind knowing your 16 section OSHA GHS SDS template is format-approved by one of the most recognized safety science company’s around the globe.

    • Scalable to international compliance standards

      Move beyond the immediate OSHA GHS deadline and implement a full compliance strategy. The data you provide can be migrated into a long term automated solution.

    • Professional services

      Our team of regulatory specialists are available when complex regulatory authoring is needed.

    • Live chat online assistance

      Have questions along the way? Chat online with our Help Desk.

    • PDF Delivered

      OSHA-compliant GHS SDSs are provided in PDF format for easy distribution.


    • Save time

      Our automated logic tree approach helps eliminate the hours of guesswork and research required to meet the legal requirements of the new OSHA GHS standard.

    • Save money

      At only $275 per product, you are creating a compliant SDS at a cost below what is typically spent when authoring is outsourced to a qualified regulatory specialist.

    • Flexibility

      We understand that one solution may not be right for your entire suite of products.

      Gain added flexibility to your OSHA GHS implementation strategy by making our DIY tool a valuable asset toward legal compliance.

    • Developed by chemical regulatory compliance automation leaders

      As a trusted leader in chemical compliance automation solutions, The Wercs currently reviews the chemical compliance data in products worth over $1 trillion in global trade each year.